“The Un-Membership”

Why You Don’t Have to “Envy The Elements” of
Massage and Facial Chain Memberships.
Intro Price
Full One Hour massage $67.50
Full 1 Hour Organic Facial $72.50

Dollar for dollar Denise Lee IS better and here’s why:

Massage chain membership sessions are on the average 45-50 minutes scheduled time at $59 per session. (Note the scheduled time of 45-50 minutes includes time to tell your therapist/esthetician your needs and/or concerns, undressing and dressing time, which inevitably leavesbetween 45 and 50 minutes actual session time.) This averages $1.07-$1.31 a minute.

Denise Lee offers package discounts rendering the cost of a full *60 minute session at only $67.50, an average of $0.93 per minute! Think about it…10-15 minutes more session time for $2.50!! Also remember at Denise Lee we use only organic, chemical free products and individually tailored essential oil blends as well as fine-tuned facial recipes in our sessions – the massage chains do not!

*If multiple services are scheduled between the spa and salon, occasionally massage sessions are 55 minutes due to scheduling conflicts. Facials incur an additional $5 materials fee. $67.50 rate applies to organic facial and Swedish massage only. Specialty services and upgrades not included.

You don’t have to “Envy” those massage chains anymore! $67.50 per month entitles you to a FULL 60 minute Swedish massage or basic organic facial each month without contracts or annual commitments! Get more for your money! That’s right…no annual commitment, no pressure. Our Spa Junkie package of purchase 5 sessions and the 6th is free has always been so popular, we have simply made it better by making it even MORE affordable.

How Does this work? Instead of prepaying in full the 6 month package we can now offer six monthly installments of $67.50 each to be billed on the first of the month for 6 months.

What if I can’t make it in that month? No worries! You can always roll it over to the remaining months of your package.

Can I come in more than once a month? What if I want to come in every week, how does that affect my package and rates? The more the merrier we say! Because you are enrolled in this program all sessions are only *$67.50! Your package is billed once a month for 6 months, at that rate you are guaranteed one session per month, and you cannot “borrow” sessions against upcoming months.

How long do I have to use them? The program is set up for six months at a time. If you choose to re-enroll for an additional 6 months and have sessions remaining they can roll over into the next program. However, if you do not enroll, the sessions expire at the end of the 6 months.

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